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2D Animation

2D Animation institutes in Delhi

Introduction to 2D Animation
This course provides students with the advanced knowledge in principles of classical animation. The student will learn concepts such as squash and stretch, timing, path of action, anticipation, action-reaction, weight, volume, and staging. This course will also develop the student's animation design sense, with exercises in character design. The student will also learn technical skills to produce animation, such as how to flip and draw, and how to film animation using Light boxes & using punch sheets. Skills learned will be applied throughout the Digital Animation Program.

  • Course Outline
  •   Routine Mode: 3 Months, 5 days in a week, 2 hours a day
  •   Rapid Mode: 1½ Months, 5 days in a week, 4 hours a day
  •   Eligibility: 10+2 of any stream
  •   Classical Animation


  •   How to develop story from core concept to story line
  •   Script writing
  •   How to plane strategy, paragraph according to story


  •   Basics of drawings
  •   Objective drawings
  •   Gesture drawings
  •   Live studies
  •   Still life studies
  •   Anatomy
  •   Detail anatomy studies from Humans to animals, reptiles and others
  •   Principles of drawings
  •   Light and shadow
  •   Colours
  •   Cartooning



  •   How to Develop Characters living and nonliving from Realistic, Semi Realistic to cartooning          
  •   How to develop Backgrounds and Foregrounds
  •   Camera and Shots
  •   Story Boarding.


  •   History of Animation
  •   Principle of Animation
  •   Lip synchronization
  •   Expressions Of Human beings Male, Female, Children, Kids and even New born infant
  •   Walkthrough Of Animals, Reptiles and Birds
  •   Effects
  •   Follow-throughs and secondary actions
  •   IB and CU. (In-betweens and Cleanups)

Goals for Professional 2D Animation

  •   Core understanding of Animation principles
  •   2D Character Design using Light boxes and Punch sheets
  •   Line Tests and using Dope sheets
  •   Placing the character in a scene
  •   Conceptual Design
  •   Storyboarding
  •   7Production and Time Management

2d Animation screens

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