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Flash with Action Script 2.0/3.0

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Introduction to Flash with ActionScript 3.0
Flash Professional is the industry-leading authoring environment for creating and delivering interactive content. It is ideal for interactive designers, graphic designers, web designers and developers.

Flash Professional CS5 has many new, exciting features for designers and developers. Designers will enjoy the powerful new text engine for typographic precision; new Spring attributes for the Bone tool to create more realistic inverse kinematics effects; new Deco brushes to easily draw shapes like buildings, flame, or trees; on-stage video scrubbing and cue points; and support for the FXG graphics format for better integration with Adobe Illustrator software and other Adobe creative tools.

Training and professional development is most effective when it is focused on your company or organization's needs. We take your creative possibilities to a new level using the professional design tools and innovative technologies in Expression.

  • Course Outline
  •   Routine Mode: 2 Months, 5 days a week, 2 hours a day
  •   Rapid Mode: 1 Months, 5 days in a week, 4 hours a day
  •   Eligibility: 10+2 of any stream

Session 1

Introduction to Flash

  •   Understanding the Flash platform
  •   Flash File types
  •   Learning the Flash workspace
  •   The Stage and work area
  •   The Flash Tools pane
  •   The Property Inspector
  •   Working with the Timeline
  •   Using the drawing and selection tools
  •   Using gradient and color tool
  •   Creating a simple animation

Getting Started with the Drawing Tools

  •   Creating artwork in Merged Drawing mode
  •   Working with Drawing Objects
  •   Using the Pen tool
  •   Using the Add and Delete Anchor Point tools
  •   Using the Combine Objects menu
  •   Using the Primitive tools (Smart Shapes)
  •   Working with colors
  •   Saving a custom color set
  •   Organizing and layering graphics
  •   Working with layers
  •   Transforming graphics
  •   Working with the Flash Text Layout Framework

Using Symbols

  •   Understanding the role of symbols in Flash
  •   Creating symbols
  •   Building artwork with symbol instances
  •   Editing and duplicating symbols
  •   Modifying individual symbol instances
  •   Swapping symbols
  •   Working with the Library panel

Session 2

Flash Animation Fundamentals

  •   Working with frames and keyframes
  •   Motion tweening basics
  •   Tweening multiple objects
  •   Moving and transforming tween paths
  •   Incorporating color effects and scaling
  •   Controlling animation path
  •   Using motion guides layers
  •   Shape tween basics
  •   Copying, pasting, and saving animation
  •   Using Copy and Paste Motion
  •   Creating Motion Presets
  •   Applying Advanced Easing Behavior
  •   Animating Masks
  •   Shifting, Moving, and Extending Tween Spans

Advanced Design Concepts

  •   Working with filter effects
  •   Tweening filter effects
  •   Designing buttons
  •   9-slice scaling
  •   Using Transitions & Assistants
  •   Modifying Transformation Points
  •   Using the Strings Panel

Flash ActionScripting Fundamentals

  •   Working with the Code Snippets Panel
  •   Standard(default) script editing mode
  •   Using Script Assist
  •   Adding & removing actions
  •   Adding actions to frames with the Code Snippets Panel
  •   Adding a stop( ) action
  •   Placing a goto action using the Actions Panel
  •   Controlling Movie Clip Timelines
  •   Understanding Functions
  •   Use debugging features in ActionScript

Session 3

Advanced ActionScript Programming in Flash CS5

  •   ActionScript 2.0 vs. 3.0
  •   Timeline control
  •   Variables and data types
  •   Understanding event flow
  •   Creating event handlers and button interactivity
  •   Dynamic & input text
  •   Creating functions
  •   Arrays & objects

Understanding Objects, Methods & Properties in Flash CS5

  •   Understanding class architecture
  •   Creating AS 3.0 Packages and Classes
  •   Understanding the new Display list
  •   Adding symbols programatically
  •   Loading images
  •   Loading & controlling sounds
  •   Using the Tween() class
  •   Adding filters programatically
  •   Loading XML data

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