Graphic Design And Web Designing Training Institute In Delhi (Diploma Course)

Through GMAC Animation you will get this diploma course in Print Advertising and website design. Here you will get skills through various ways like professionally, theoretically, practically and technically in Digital and Print base Graphics Designing, Website Designing. This diploma program enables students with all required skills and talent in the multimedia industry to procure a placement. The course covers a diverse curriculum and equips students with the essential skills needed for the multimedia industries. GMAC is not only renowned for its standardized training but is also a leading multimedia and animation college which assures 100% job placement at the end of the curriculum. By offering a diploma in professional multimedia, GMAC is the only training centre that instils confidence in the students in a career-oriented path.


Chapter 1: Commercial & Digital Illustrations

  • Visual communication, Laws of Design
  • Scribbling layouts
  • Vector Illustration
  • Vector Vs. Raster
  • Creating manual Illustrations
  • Colour Schemes and Theories
  • Gestalt Psychology of Design
  • Hierarchy of importance in a design.
  • Packaging Design.
  • Case Studies and Project

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