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Certificate in Print & Graphic Design (CPGD)

Graphic design institute in east delhi

GMAC Graphic Designing Course also known for the best Graphic Designing Training Institute in Delhi. The institute feels proud in informing that it has shaped career students as a Graphic Designer, Visualiser , Team leader & Art Director in reputed Magazine/newspaper publishing, Packaging house & indoor outdoor Advertising Agencies. The Graphic Designing courses, which includes the latest industry trends, technologies and software so that you can get started straightaway, expert trainer will give you in-depth knowledge about how to create innovative Artwork (Layout) for different media & type of printing. Industry expert trainer also updated to students about distinctive parts of graphic designing including media size, Printing machine size, CTP (Computer to Plate) Making, typography, color theory, layout arrangement, symbolism, and so forth.

GMAC Graphic design training courses will offer 5-7 students for each batches, cutting edge Mac and PC workstations, incredible learning environments, industry-experience trainer, the most recent courseware, and careful attention for your certain needs and experience. Also, in case you're not sure what you learn in our Graphic design courses, you can retake weekend (Sat & Sun) classes in any software free of cost before or after joining in professional industry for work.

  • Course Outline
  • Live Project
  • Career options
  • Relevent Industries
  •   Routine Mode: 6 Months, 5 days in a week, 2 hrs. a day
  •   Rapid Mode: 3 Months, 6 days in a week, 3 hrs. a day
  •   Eligibility: 10+2 of any stream

History of Graphic Design and Advertising

From ancient communication tools to the present day digital revolution, each era in history and the key players involved in their evolution will be examined.

Sketching and Drawing Advertising

This course will introduce students with sketching of live and inanimate objects and nature in pencil to inbuilt observation & sketching skills among students. .

Design & Layouts

Student will be guided through projects where the objective is solving hurdles with effective design solutions. Editorial and promotional projects are undertaken with an emphasis on the creation of dynamic and effective design solutions on the professional execution of finished product. .


Visual organization of typographic design will be applied for effective, diverse, and comprehensive advertising and graphic design solutions to grid work, hierarchy, type management and selection encouraged through appropriate project work. .

Color for Communications

the psychology of color, basic methods of digital color management and the role of color in marketing and branding will be investigated through project work and discussions relating to the world of advertising and graphic design. .

Visualization Technique

This course introduces drawing and rendering techniques required to facilitate the expression of creative concepts on paper. Drawing and rendering skills are further developed in this course, and techniques are applied to projects relating to the advertising and graphic design industries. .

Conceptual Process

Students will deconstruct advertising and design campaigns to inform their development of appropriate concepts and visual executions for a variety of product, service and brand categories. .

Advertising Graphics

This course requires students to produce campaigns demonstrating use of their skills in creative strategy, visual communication, and digital design. This course builds on the creative and strategic skills introduces in GRAPHIC Advertising and continues to team art directors and copywriters together to conceive, design and present professional advertising campaigns. .

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity plays an important part of a company's image. This course concentrates on strategic symbol and word mark development. .

Package Design

This course covers a wide range of packaging projects and applications. Simplicity of ideas and designs will be stressed as well as redesigns, family designs, and new product designs. .

 Chapter 1: sketching & drawing

  •   History of Graphics Design & Advertising
  •   Laws of Design
  •   Visualization technique
  •   Scribbling layouts
  •   Vector Illustration
  •   Vector Vs. Raster
  •   Manual Illustrations
  •   Color theories/communication
  •   Gestalt psychology of Design.

Chapter 2: advanced visualization

  •   Packing Multiple Pictures onto a Single Page
  •   Preparing a CMYK File for Commercial Reproduction
  •   Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes.
  •   Retouching and Repairing.
  •   Advanced Layer Techniques.
  •   Creating Special Effects.
  •   Masks and Channels
  •   Preparing Images for Two-Color Printing.
  •   Different file formats (PSD, JPG, TIFF, etc)
  •   Resolution explained (What is DPI?)

Chapter 3: advanced creative layout

  •   Collages and Masks Technique
  •   Advanced Raster techniques
  •   Image manipulation & correction techniques
  •   Designing Brochures, & Catalogues
  •   Newspaper & Magazine Advertisement
  •   Designing for publications
  •   How Advertising agencies work
  •   Printing to an Inkjet Printer
  •   Assignment  Projects

Chapter 4: Printing Prepress & Output

  •   This course deals with preparing your files for output to a variety devices ranging from laser\printers to image setters, andcomputer-to-plate/press (CTP) systems. As the course \progresses, students will become aware of the proofing cycle, color correction, trapping, imposition, bindery, estimation and the evolving role of the service bureau and the printer in   the area of digital prepress.
  •   prepress terminology
  •   efficient PCs and Macs font management
  •   industry layout standards
  •   media size according to image setter, CTP & printing machine
  •   appropriate image resolution
  •   scanning
  •   half toning & dot, PPI, LPI and  DPI (pixel/inch, line/inch & dot/inch)
  •   color trapping and separations
  •   display devices
  •   color corrections and color calibration
  •   output considerations including native layout formats
  •   printable file formats TIFF, PDF, EPS and PS
  •   prepress workflow
  •   proofing
  •   networking and selection and relationships with service bureaus.

Chapter 5: post Press

  •   Binding
  •   Creasing & Folding
  •   Die Cut
  •   cutting
  •   perforating
  •   stitching & punching
  •   foil printing & embossing (block)
  •   UB coating
  •   lamination
  •   counting & packing
  •   Industry visit
  •   logo design, business card, letterhead
  •   Digital Print Graphic & advertising
  •   Industrial Corporate Design
  •   Environmental Digital Print Design
  •   Product Packaging Design
  •   Advertising & Publication Design
  •   Digital Graphic Design for Publications
  •   gift & greeting cards, invitations
  •   Signage & Map Information Design
  •   Prepress for Print Graphics & advertising
  •   Post Press
  •   Printing Techniques with costing.
  •   creative director
  •   art director
  •   visualiser
  •   graphic designer
  •   brand identity developer
  •   production manager

Our Industry Partnerships: with your career opportunity

  •   Our Industry Partnerships: with your career opportunity with design studios
  •   collaterals house
  •   multimedia Production companies
  •   advertising Agencies
  •   Design agencies
  •   Local government
  •   Charities
  •   Commerce and industry
  •   graphic designing studios
  •   book publishing house
  •   packaging and labeling house
  •   printing and production house
  •   photo studio
  •   greeting card design house
  •   digital printing (hoarding & signage)
  •   leading newsprint & magazine
  •   logo & illustration work.
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