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MA / MSc. in Creative Multimedia and Animation

Triple Certification (University Degree + Professional Diploma + Industry Internship certificate)

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GMAC offers triple certification course in "MA / MSc. Creative Multimedia & Animation who wish to pursue his/her career in Digital Media, entertainment and Animation field". This is an industry oriented program focusing primarily on professional, theoretical, practical and technical knowledge in fields, upon which the students develop their own skills in Print base Graphics Designing, Digital Photography, Motion Graphics with VFX & SFX, Specialized in 3D Animation and Audio Video Editing. After completing their respective Master Degree, students would be rewarded Degree from UGC & AICTE Approved University, along with Professional Diploma by GMAC Institute and Internship Certificate by GMAC In-house production." All these certificates would surely assure to achieve his/her goal, with 100% placement in TV channel, Video Game Designing, Architectural firm, Motion picture industry or software development industry.

  • Course Outline
  • Live Project
  • Career options
  • Relevent Industries
  •   Routine Mode: 3 Years, 6 Semesters, 6 days in a week, 4 hours a day
  •   Rapid Mode: Not Available
  •   Eligibility: Those who have completed 10+2 from any stream
    or any diploma in Multimedia from any recognized university, candidates awaiting their results may also apply as provisional addmission.


  •   Development with traditional and Digital Art
  •   Script Writing & Story Board Designing
  •   Advanced digital art photography part-(1&2)
  •   Advance digital Enhancement
  •   Enhancement of editing
  •   Practical on Digital Art


  •   Introduction and Advancement of Next-Gen 3D
  •   Introduction & Advancement of 3D design
  •   Next-Gen Character Design
  •   Introduction of UV layouts and texturing
  •   Advance Character Setup and Animation
  •   Practical on Character Design, UV layouts and texture


  •   Advance Animation and VFX
  •   Advance techniques of Texturing & Lighting
  •   Production techniques of Lighting
  •   Intro of Dynamics I
  •   Art of Integration - Dynamics II
  •   Practical on Character animation, Dynamics, texturing and Lighting


  •   Advance Rendering
  •   Introduction of Compositing I
  •   3D Tracking & Match Moving
  •   Practical on 3D tracking, Match moving and Compositing
  •   Final Project

print production

advertising design:

  •   business card, letterhead
  •  logo design, ad design, book cover design
  •  news paper & magazine layout design.

web layout

  •  user interfaces, web emailers
  •  2d animation (cartoon film).

3d animation production

  •  proproduction pipline, storyboard illustration
  •  image manipulation, organic & inorganic model creation,
  •  interior/exterior designing, texture mapping,
  •  use of environmental lighting, architectural walkthrough,
  •  rigging & skkining, character animation
  •  final persentation in demoreal

television & broadcasting

  •  tv advertisment
  •  montage and promo making
  •  audio / video editing & compositing with VFX and SFX.

print & advt. industry

  •  creative director
  •  art director
  •  visualiser
  •  graphic designer
  •  brand identity developer
  •  production manager


  •  graphics designer (web)
  •  user interface designer

2d & 3d animation work

  •  story-board artist
  •  texturing artist
  •  motion capture artist
  •  lighting & rendring artist
  •  hair & fur desgner
  •  3d modeler
  •  production head
  •  vfx artist
  •  3d animator
  •  rigging artists
  •  digital designer
  •  character animator
  •  game designer

movie & tv

  •  montage maker
  •  audio/video editor
  •  compositer

print graphics & advt.

  •   advertising agency
  •   graphic designing company
  •   news paper & magzine company
  •   packaging and labeling house
  •   hording and signage industry
  •   photo studio
  •   job work firm
  •   printing and production house


  •   IT sector (software devlompment)
  •   web designing firm
  •   2d animation house

3d animation & broadcast industry

  •   building & architect firm
  •   event management company
  •   automobile
  •   animation film prod. studios
  •   gaming industry
  •   tv channel industry
  •   interior design
  •   broadcast industry
  •   sound & video editing (production house)
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