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Certificate in Website Design(CWD)

Responsive Web Design in Delhi

GMAC Web Designing Course also known for the best Web Designing Training Institute in Delhi. The institute feels proud in informing that it has shaped career of students as web designer who are placed today in reputed Companies. The Web Designing courses, which includes the latest industry trends, technologies and software so that you can get started straightaway, expert trainer will give you in-depth knowledge about how to create & maintain SEO friendly and browser compatible responsive websites. Industry expert trainer also updated to students about distinctive parts of web designing including typography on the web, color theory, layout arrangement, symbolism and so forth.

  • Course Outline
  • Live Project
  • Career options
  • Relevent Industries
  •   Routine Mode: 6 Months, 5 days in a week, 2 hrs. a day
  •   Rapid Mode: 3 Months, 6 days in a week, 3 hrs. a day
  •   Eligibility: 10+2 of any stream

 Chapter 1: Web Graphics

  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  •   Understanding computer graphic (Vector Vs Raster)
  •   Planing of a website
  •   Website header with navigation bar
  •   Creating webicon, buttons and bg for website
  •   Web Page(Mock-up) Design
  •   User Interface Design (Mobile Designing)
  •   Slicing of template
  •   File Format for website (GIF,JPEG, PNG)
  •   Typography for website.

 Chapter 2: Converting Design in to web page using.

  • 1. HTML4 and HTML5
  •   What is html?
  •   Difference between new and old version of HTML.
  •   Types of TAGS in HTML
  •   Difference between BLOCK and INLINE tag
  •   Paired Tags and Singular Tags
  •   What’s New In HTML 5.
  •   Working with TAGS like LISTS, TABLE, ANCHOR TAG, FORM, SECTION, ARTICLE and many more.
  •   Working with Links(internal links and external links)
  •   Creating structure of a webpage using PHOTOSHOP MOCKUP DESIGN.

  • 2. CSS2.0 and CSS3.0
  •  What is CSS?
  •  Types of CSS.
  •  Embeding and Linking CSS inside a web page.
  •  What’s new in CSS3?
  •  Creating Rollover Effect using CSS.
  •  Creating Drop Down Menu.
  •  Aligning and adjusting structure of a web page using CSS.
  •  How to use DIV and HTML5 new SEMANTIC Tags for Webpage Development.
  •  Creating Animation using CSS3.
  •  Working with CSS3 Media Query for making website responsive
  •  Working with other properties of CSS2.0 and CSS3.0

Chapter 3: Making webpage Interactie and Dynamic using JAVASCRIPT and JQUERY

  •   What is javscript?
  •   Difference between plain Javascript and Jquery.
  •   Working with Data Types in Javascript.
  •   Creating Local And Global Variable.
  •   Understanding Traversal of a webpage contents.
  •   Understanding Manipulation of a webpage contents.
  •   Handling Events in Javascript and Jquery
  •   Creating Animation Using Jquery.
  •   Creating Animating Slider, Image Rotator, Carousel and many more animation.
  •   Working with AJAX
  •   Working with Jquery UI.

Chapter 4: Making Responsive Web site using Bootstrap and Media Query.

  •   What is Responsive Website
  •   Converting Pixel Based Website into percentage.
  •   Using CSS3 Media Query for Changing structure of a webpage on different devices.
  •   Fixing Errors of a website on mobile , tablet and other devices view.
  •   What is Bootstrap?
  •   Understanding Bootstrap classes for creating website responsive.
  •   Difference between Bootstrap
  •   Difference between bootstrap col-xs, col-sm, col-md, col-lg classes.

Chapter 5: Site Uploading (On Web Server)

  •   FTP
  •   HTML/DHTML & HTML Editor tools.
  •   Window Hosting.
  •   Linux Hosting.
  •   Email creation with your domain. (
  •   Knowledge of Cpanel responsive.

  • web site & interactive multimedia
  •   user interfaces, web site designing.
  •   cd presentation, e-learning, e-book, e-news
  •   web emailers,2d animation.
  • testing and upload project:
  •   browser compatibility, responsive website,seo friendely
  •   mobile testing, about domains, about hosting and webspace
  •   discussion on window hosting and linux hosting.
  • web-industry
  •   graphics designer (web)
  •   user interface designer
  •   web site designer
  •   html editor
  •   cd persentor
  •   team leader
  •   web design business (Freelancer)
  • web-industry.
  •   IT sector (web site designing and software development companies)
  •   e-learning / online publshing houses
  •   2d animation / cartoon films
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